Creating a course

Learn how to create a course on

What are courses?

Courses are the primary way to create learning experiences for your users. You can see an example

here. Using our course builder tool you can get up and running in minutes!

Create your first course (video)

Watch the video below for guidance on how to create your first course!

Not into videos? 🤔 no worries, just quickly scan the guide below...

Screen-by-screen guide

First navigate to the courses tab from sidepanel

You can then select the 'Create Course' button

Fill in some details for your course, name, target learner, etc.

After you hit create you'll be redirected to your new course

If we started with a blank course, you'll need to add your first module

When complete, click on the module card created so it's highlighted. You'll see a new column appear on the right side called 'Module stages'

Add a stage using the 'Add stage' button

You'll be asked to create a name for your stage, as well as set a learning objective for your target learner

Now you have a module and stage ready to fill output

In the next tutorial we can move onto creating a lesson in your course 😀

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