General activity analytics

Learn about the general analytics dashboard

Watch the video below for guidance on this dashboard!

User events

We track a number of events that your users take as they interact with the mobile learning application. These events include page views, details of user course progress, individual question scores, and much more. This number represents the total number of analytics events we've captured across all your users.

Active users

This is the total number of active users using the mobile application. If the user has logged at least one analytics event on the platform we count them as 'active'. This means, for example, that if a user has looked at a page within the timeframe you selected we'll count them as active.

New user registrations

This number represents the total number of new registrations to your mobile app.

User activity

This graph shows you the event volume per day for users on your mobile application. You can use this to see which days people have been more or less active on.

User event breakdown

Here we breakdown the type of analytics event we captured. These events include raw pageviews, question answers, and much more. You can use this to get a sense of the kind of events being logged by your users, and how these make up the acivity volumes seen in the user activity chart.

Activity by user tag

This chart shows you the total event volume for all users in a given user group. Note that events will be multiple times for users in multiple user groups. This shows you the base level of activity for users in a given user group.

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