Adding a lesson

Learn how to create a lesson in a course

What is a lesson?

A lesson allows you to creatively craft conversational content. We've taken a unique approach which mashes up a chatbot-like flow with a more traditional blog-like approach. This makes your content more engaging and memorable. Check it out below!

Creating your first lesson (video)

Watch the video below for guidance on how to create your first lesson!

Not into videos? 🤔 no worries, just quickly scan the guide below...

Screen-by-screen walkthrough

In the course screen you will see stage cards on the right hand side when you select a module

Press the 'Edit Lesson' button on a stage card to see the lesson view

You will now see the lesson view of your course stage, in the example below we don't have any cards added yet

We can add a card using the 'Add Card' button at the bottom of the screen

There are multiple card types to choose from when creating a lesson.

  • Text
  • Images
  • URL button links
  • Survey questions
    • multiple choice input
    • free text input
    • numerical input

Card types can be assigned to a teacher or a learner, who interact as fictional interlocutors during the lesson

In the example below we choose a simple text card from a teacher. We can click on the card to edit the text inside.

We can re-order the lesson flow by dragging and dropping cards around. Cards can be duplicated or deleted. They can also be dropped in an 'archive' that is visible across all lessons in the course, enabling you to quickly find cards you might have generated earlier.

Once you are happy with a lesson flow you can press the 'Preview' button to see an instant demo of how the content will look from the user's perspective.

A demo will open in a phone container and you can click through the lesson to see if the flow works!

That's the basics of creating a lesson!

In the next tutorial we can move onto creating some questions along with your lesson ✨

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